Dare to Care

Dare to Care is a support group for victims of abuse that facilitates consistent and meaningful engagements with other survivors while offering practical coping skills to enhance their healing process.

Services Include:

  • Support Group Sessions (8 – 12wks)
  • Counselling & Referral 
  • After Care – Women of Praise and Purpose Community

Hands of Care

Hands of Care consist of a suite of initiatives designed to assist and equip victims with the knowledge, skills and tools required to support and enhance their personal and financial empowerment.  

Services Include:

  • Small Business Development Training 
  •  Interpersonal Skills Training

  • Personal Development Training 
  • Internship Programmes

Circle of Care Mobile Tour

Circle of Care Mobile Tour aims to take services, information, and resources to victims in their local spaces.  This is in response to geographical, economic constraints and other challenging factors experienced by many victims, which hinders their access to support or awareness of available resources. 

Services include:

  • Health and Wellness Fairs
  • Life Healing and Restoration Seminars
  • Care Packages

Voice of Care

Voice of Care seeks to amplify survivors’ voices through research, advocacy, campaigns, among other initiatives to increase awareness of the impact of abuse while advocating for the protection of women and girls.

Services Include:

  • Male and Female Mentorship 
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • GBV Awareness Sessions (Groups, Organizations, etc)
  • Youth Wrap Sessions
  • Motivational Talks

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